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TACTICS Asia is a business services firm. We help medium-sized and large organisations develop very useful and usable knowledge that will boost revenue, save on operating costs, improve productivity, increase safety or enhance compliance with Government regulations.

TACTICS was established in New Zealand in 1987. In Asia, we commenced operations in Hong Kong in 1992. TACTICS Asia has offices in Singapore and Malaysia.
We provide valuable services and products to clients in Asia Pacific from Pakistan to Korea to New Zealand.

TACTICS has particular expertise in helping companies operate more efficiently and productively with more systematic process and work practices.

We focus on:

  • increasing revenue,
  • improving productivity,
  • enhancing quality, and
  • reducing cost

We do the following:

  • Process mapping and improvement to maximise operational efficiency.
  • Improve maintenance systems to increase the reliability of equipment.
  • Develop limits of authority systems to optimise decision making.
  • Improve the quality of communication throughout an organisation in terms of useability, readability and usefulness.

We write customised manuals for our clients. Our manuals are concise and to the point. We write clear language which is easy to read and produces useful informtion.

We run training courses to teach clients about how to write business and technical information as well as how to document processes, policies and work instructions.

We also manage HSE and staff events to promote a good culture within an organization.