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Speak English Clearly and Confidently in Technical Operation

A fun way to improve English speaking skills. Learn to speak clearly and confidently to customers, suppliers and colleagues.

This course is an adventure in building confidence in using English by unlocking participants' existing knowledge. This is much more cost-effective than trying to "re-learn” school English. Experience shows that many Malaysians have a much better knowledge of spoken English than they display in their workplace. This efficient course builds on that existing knowledge.

This 2-day classroom course is specifically designed to help technical employees who work with customers, suppliers or colleagues to improve their standard of spoken English. Participants' confidence in speaking English will increase a lot on this course. Particularly when speaking to foreigners. There are lots of activities, exercises and games to make the learning fun.

This course not only focuses on delivery skills but also how you need to properly develop the content of a presentation. We have a very clear and systematic method to follow that will provide a solid foundation to any technical presentation starting from knowing your audience. There is a special topic on creating effective PowerPoint slides.