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Reduce Risks and Improve Operations with High Impact Technical Reports

For staff who are good technically but cannot write well in English. A systematic method of writing that is easy to learn and use.

You will find this 2-day classroom course is ideal for people who have technical skills but are not good at writing. We teach a systematic method of writing that is easy to learn and use. We also have years' of experience with technical requirements and the practical environment where participants work. This means we understand how reports can impact risk and operations in organisations.

Participant materials include templates for common technical reports and proposals that make writing about technical issues easier and faster.

We also offer an outstanding blended learning version of this course with a 1-day classroom component followed by a 3 to 6 month follow-on programme. Our unique approach will ensure new skills in how to write reports are used back on the job.

This course teaches a methodology for analytical thinking and writing that is a system to write technical reports and proposals. Great for engineers and technicians.