Oil/Gas and Petrochemical Healthcare Transport


Increasing Productivity

Once a production or manufacturing company achieves consistent reliability in operations, management attention shifts focus to increasing production and productivity.

TACTICS helps by making sure the right people get the right information in the right way at the right time so they can do the right job - more productively. We use the unique ProWriting™ methodology to design and develop customised material. For example:

  • operations and maintenance manuals
  • process documentation and work instructions, and
  • training material and TACTICS' unique job dossiers.


How we have helped some of our clients


A medium-sized oil and gas services company won a large tender and needed to expand rapidly. Their internal support processes (Finance, HR, SCM, IT and Administration) were not able to meet the demands of an enlarged company and needed to be more robust and made more systematic.

What we have done

TACTICS redesigned the processes and produced procedure manuals, policies and work instructions for all personnel to standardise work practices and provide a basis for auditing support activities. Where the new processes were properly implemented, efficiency increased, errors were markedly reduced and the quality of management decisions improved.