Oil/Gas and Petrochemical Healthcare Transport


Improving Safety

Improving safety, maintaining a healthy workplace and minimising environmental impact are critical objectives to all our oil and gas clients. How to achieve HSE objectives? Start by providing the right information to the right people in the right way at the right time. Focus on the implementation of standards and rules and the effective change of behaviour.


How we have helped some of our clients


Management in an upstream production company were concerned that work hazards were not properly identified and that work standards were set by experienced operators who often took shortcuts. They wanted site-specific instructions that focused on safety and would serve as a benchmark for consistent work practices.

What we have done

TACTICS developed over 80 Operating Procedures in a three-month period working closely with operators and supervisors to ensure buy-in to change work practices. Several previously unidentified risks were found and ways to mitigate them documented. Also several improvements in product quality were identified and incorporated into the operating procedures.