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Rule and Procedures

Rules and procedures are at the center of information to meet regulatory requirements in public transport – be it air, train or bus transport. However to be really useful for staff operations and maintenance manuals need to be properly structured and contain all necessary information.

TACTICS’ approach is to separate procedures from rules and publish them in different ways. The purpose is to clearly distinguish between the regulatory standard and how to do a task.


How we have helped some of our clients


An audit of operations manuals for the existing underground rail network in Hong Kong identified poor quality documentation as a major risk to safe and efficient operations. Apart from not being kept up-to-date, the old manuals were organised from the point of view of systems design, not from the perspective of the tasks carried out by operations personnel.

What we have done

TACTICS restructured the operations guidelines and instructions for the entire railway along the job-responsibility lines and produced manuals that matched jobs, rather than systems. One major benefit of this approach was to greatly reduce the quantity of information given to employees and significantly reduce the problem of information overload.

We covered train operation, station, control room, track and depot operations in normal, abnormal and emergency situations.

Also worked with the training department to develop competency tests for the annual certification of staff as well as transfer writing and document design skills so that the organisation could continues to maintain the operating manuals.