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Our Expertise

TACTICS Asia is a consulting and training company that provides a complete solution in using clear language writing in the workplace.We have 35 years' experience in writing and presenting information clearly and concisely for a wide variesty of organizations in different industries. Our experience in writing in clear language is one of the featured which makes us different from other companies.

TACTICS is a world leader in the use of clear language. We have world-class standards in clear language skills, knowledge and experience. We bring reliability and professional expertise to you.

Our company offers four main services:

  • Clear language training courses
  • writing manuals and reports
  • editing manuals and reports, and
  • consulting on clear language implementations.

Companies do business with us for the following reasons:

  • We have a proven track record, which means we are the lowest risk choice.
  • We use local resources but access international expertise.
  • We have dedicated employees, so solutions are delivered in the shortest time.
  • We are wiling to share out expertise with our clients.
  • We specialise in what we do and we focus on what we do well.
  • The way we work results in reliability and consistency which means we are easy and predictable to work with.
  • We are the most cost-effective choice when all things are considered.