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The Science of Technical Presentations: Inform, Motivate or Convince Your Audience

A practical and interactive way to gain confidence to present well to peers, management and customers.

This highly interactive and practical 2-day classroom course will give participants confidence in presenting to peers and management. It will be ideal for anyone who wants to get their ideas across in clear and useful presentations that address business challenges. The theme of this course is the systematic design methodology used to give depth to presentations.

This 2-day course covers the 2 sides of presentations:

  • The skills of presenting and how to interact with an audience.
  • How to design content for an effective presentation and develop striking visual aids.

This distinctive course focuses on designing and creating content for presentation in 3 styles - PowerPoint, whiteboard and verbal delivery.

This course not only focuses on delivery skills but also how you need to properly develop the content of a presentation. We have a very clear and systematic method to follow that will provide a solid foundation to any technical presentation starting from knowing your audience. There is a special topic on creating effective PowerPoint slides.