Oil/Gas and Petrochemical Healthcare Transport


Reducing Cost

There are many ways to reduce costs in the oil/gas and petrochemical industry, particularly in minimising losses as well as reducing maintenance and supply chain management costs.

TACTICS has particular expertise in analysing and developing business controls to monitor KPI’s such as:

  • what is ordered by the customer is produced for the customer
  • what is produced for the customer is dispatched to the customer, and
  • what is dispatched to the customer is received by the customer.


How we have helped some of our clients

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The major problem for a large chemical plant was the lack of alternative equipment in the process line. This resulted in frequent plant shutdowns and loss of production. Some of the problems were caused by inadequate operator monitoring and control.

What we have done

TACTICS wrote 600+ detailed work instructions covering critical operations and maintenance activities using the Job Task Mapping approach that results in comprehensive but easy to follow instructions. This material was later used to gain ISO quality and safety system certification. As a result, unplanned plant shutdowns reduced dramatically with significant savings on equipment repair.

Other Experience
Some other projects we have done for companies in Asia Pacific are …

Developed comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals covering all 50 systems on an FSO being converted in Singapore. Also wrote ERP and SOPEP documents to enable the vessel to sail.

Supply Chain Management
Wrote a “best practices” manual for a major oil company covering SCM planning, inventory management, sourcing (purchasing), warehousing and expediting. This included some innovative approaches to surplus management and purchasing.

Process Mapping
Identified, analsysed and documented the entire operation and business of a large petrochemical plant. This covered 33 core and support processes in the technical and non-technical functions of the company.

Stock Control System
Developed operating procedures, user aids and training material for a new stock management system for retail petroleum company.

Implementing SAP
Produced reference work instructions, on-the-job training material and job aids for all the manufacturing-related SAP modules. TACTICS has done this for several companies.

Conceptual Design Reports
Designed the structure and edited the contents of a facilities selection report produced during the conceptual design phase of an off-shore field development. This was followed by editing all the conceptual design reports to meet the requirements of an international client. TACTICS involvement allowed the design engineers to focus on their expertise and the project to produce a report to international standards of content, language and presentation.

Emergency Response Plans
Designed and documented two on-shore downstream and one off-shore upstream ERP procedures including HAZOP and risk profiling to produce comprehensive and detailed ERP manuals.