Oil/Gas and Petrochemical Healthcare Transport


Implementing New Systems

As healthcare becomes more complex and hospitals become larger, most institutions have been looking to large-scale computer systems like SAP, to help manage their large-scale operations.


How we have helped some of our clients


Hospitals in Singapore were restructured in two major groups to share resources and improve efficiency. This enabled them to invest in large-scale systems to improve management planning, monitoring and control. However this required harmonisation of process in the different institutions and the subsequent management of change in the work practices of 6,000 employees.

What we have done

A SAP company was engaged to modify the software and handle the ICT issues while TACTICS was given the responsibility for end user documentation and training.

We used our Job Task Mapping approach to analyse the user tasks required and develop work instructions that could be used for initial training as well as for on-going reference purposes.

A key feature of Job Task Maps is that they cover the whole of a task, not just the system steps and users have just one instruction manual, not two covering non-system and system steps separately.

Our Reference-Based Training methodology provided the design basis.
The system was implemented on schedule and all users adapted well to the new work practices.