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Practical English Writing for Better Technical Quality

Improve English grammar, upgrade writing skills with easy-to-learn international standards and write really effective emails. Easy to learn and understand techniques for engineers and technicians.

You will find this 2-day classroom course is excellent for any technical staff who want to upgrade their writing skills. They will learn new, easy-to-write, international-standard techniques. It will also improve their English grammar. This course will help new entrants as well as experienced employees to write more clearly, more to the point and avoid common English grammar mistakes.

We also offer an outstanding blended learning version of this course with a 1.5-day classroom component followed by a 3 to 6 month follow-on programme. Our unique approach will ensure new skills in writing and grammar are used back on the job.

This is the most efficient course around for improving English grammar and writing skills. We have a very effective approach to stop grammar mistakes that we teach in a very short amount of time. And the writing skills we teach cover international standards. We also have a very good understanding of technical workplaces in many industries.